We turn intentions into behaviour.

Green Nudges Consulting supports the changemakers of the sustainability transformation in motivating people towards sustainable behaviour. We achieve this by using
behavioral science insights and design principles.

For the sustainability transformation, change processes are necessary on many levels.

Linear Economy

Circular business models

Ownership of products

Sharing Economy

Fossil energy sources

Renewable energy sources

The daily portion of meat

Plant-based diets

The intention is often there.
But behaviour rarely follows intentions.

Source: 85% of people say they want to be more sustainable, but only 13% actually change their behavior. Kantar, Sustainability Sector Index 2023

One reason why the sustainability transformation stalls is the discrepancy between saying and doing.




The population group with the greatest leverage – the mainstream – is aware of climate change. And yet acts far too rarely. This has various reasons that behavioural science can address.






Green Bubble

*Source: Nielsen IQ, The Green divide – How to Influence and Change Conscious Consumer Behavior, simplified visualisation

Changing people’s behaviour is no easy task. But this is precisely where the toolbox of behavioural science comes into play.

We help turn intention into behaviour.

We advise companies, municipalities, non-profit organizations, lobby groups, sustainability consultancies, and agencies.
on the following topics:



Protecting natural habitats and fauna.



Create or improve digital tools for sustainable behavior.



Save energy, change usage behavior, and promote the switch to renewable energy sources.

Food & Beverages

Food & Beverages

Making plant-based nutrition more attractive. Reducing food waste.



Make active transportation and e-mobility the norm.



Promote the purchase of sustainable products.
Reducing return rates.

Sustainable Products

Sustainable Products

Promote the acceptance of sustainable products.



Minimizing the negative impacts of tourism.

Trash & Recycling

Trash & Recycling

From single use to: Refuse, reuse, reduce, refurbish, repair, repurpose, and recycle.



Save water or conserve water resources.

Our team combines behavioural science expertise with strategic thinking and creativity.

Laura Sommer PhD

Behavioural Scientist

Behavioural scientist specializing in behaviour change and sustainability.

Matthias Höppner

Behavioural Strategist

Strategist at the intersection of marketing, sustainability, and behaviour change.

Janick Oswald

Behaviour Design Expert

Facilitator for collaborative design of sustainable solutions.

When needed, we involve industry experts in our workshops or long-term projects.

Our Services

Nudges are just one tool of behavioural science that we use to change behaviour.
Our services incorporate state-of-the-art methods to solve your problems.

Behaviour Change Workshop

(1 day)

  • Insights into Human Behavior & Green Nudges
  • Identification of the key behavior to be changed, including: Hypotheses about the psychological barriers
  • Development of initial interventions

Behavioural Design Projects


  • Complete guidance through the Behavioral Design process by our team of experts.
  • 5-step process: Identification of key behavior, analysis of psychological barriers, intervention design, evaluation, and scaling.

Behavioural Marketing


  • Analysis of marketing measures for their behavior change effectiveness.
  • Optimization of communication campaigns or digital assets (e.g., sign-up flow analysis) using behavioral science insights.

Inspiring keynotes

(30-45 min)

  • 30 minutes of inspiration on Green Nudges, either on-site or remote.
  • Individually curated for the respective industry.
  • Incl. interactive Q&A session

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